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Never ending event

Pribe Story collects tweets, posts, images and other social media content about your event and displays it in one seamless feed. Attendees can follow what's going on at the event before, during and after it ends at the venue. Organizer can leverage social data analytics to boost event engagement.


Pribe helps attendees focus on what actually happens at the event and see what others like and share.


Pribe helps organizers see what attendees share about the event, on several social networks at a time.


Pribe helps create communities around events that can live and interact even without meeting in person.

Happier Attendees

Pribe means less time to cope with the app and more
time to use it. Actively.

  • See, Contribute & Share

    Pribe's Story feed lets attendees see what other people like about the event. They can share their views either on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or through the Pribe network.

  • Make Relationships

    Each attendee has his profile linked to his social media profiles, making him easy to contact and be contacted. The internal messaging option is coming soon.

  • Stay up to date

    The Pribe Story keeps everyone updated about what's going on at the event right now. No matter when you launch the app, you always get all information that you might have missed in the meantime.

Pribe lets you discover the true story of your event. Written by people.

Organizer's overview

Pribe allows organizers to keep ongoing engagement and extend the event lifecycle to improve ROI.

  • Top view

    See in real time what interests your attendees. Leverage what they like or smooth out what goes wrong, based on their activity.

  • Statistics and analytics

    Every action of each attendee counts in the Pribe's statistics. Organizers obtain deep analytical information about the audience activity in real time.

  • Promote partners

    Event partners have the same oppportunity to join in Pribe Story as attendees. They can boost their presence at the event, and obtain additional promotion channel.

Discover the event's true story.

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